Supporting the sustainability initiative, we use recycled plastic to produce aligner stamping patterns

About company

The start of the NEXT aligners company dates back to the development of the Software for the production of aligners.

In 2011, Denis Kuznetsov and Nikolai Lipin founded SimplyCeph with the aim of offering a solution in the field of diagnostics and orthodontic treatment planning.

12 years of experience in the field of creating software (*software) and its improvement, clinical experience in orthodontics – was the start of


The software (software) allows:

  • Use rigid body physics to simulate the movement of teeth;
  • Restore real tooth roots from computed tomography;
  • Improve planning and results of orthodontic treatment;
  • Carry out orthodontic treatment in mixed dentition (in children) due to realistic gingival morphing.

Aligner surface
NEXT surface

It is formed during the printing process and allows you to improve the properties of the aligners, and increase their elasticity.

The NEXT aligners surface of the aligners improves tooth movement and fixation of the aligners on the teeth.

This allows you to reduce the number of attachments or *in certain cases, eliminate the use of attachments on the teeth.

Polylactic acid plastic

For the production of aligner models, we use PLA plastic.

*PLA (Polylactic acid) is a biodegradable plastic that can be recycled.

Supporting the initiative of ecology, we use recycled plastic for the production of models for stamping aligners.