We have specially designed the aligner packaging and also print it from biodegradable material. Also, the packaging is individual for each of our doctors.

How do you print aligners?

To print models, we use FDM printers. This printing method allows the use of biodegradable plastic and reduces environmental pollution. Indeed, for the production of one case, an average of 50-70 models are printed, which, when using SLA, are simply thrown away.

How are your aligners different from others?

For the production of aligners, we use our own software, which allows us to take into account all the nuances when planning orthodontic treatment.

A virtual setup is created by an orthodontist. This allows you to take into account many of the nuances of treatment planning.

To restore the geometry of the teeth, we use neural networks which allow us to restore the shape of the teeth and plan movements with amazing accuracy.